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Discover the power of Mano AI, a cutting-edge Language Model (LLM) platform that revolutionizes how knowledge workers enhance their productivity and streamline work processes within the enterprise. With secure, enterprise-grade LLMs that are finely-tuned for your specific needs, Mano AI is your trusted partner in achieving seamless data retrieval and integration within the workplace.

Key Features:

  1. Tailored Enterprise Solutions: Partnered with GigaML, Mano AI offers finely-tuned LLMs designed specifically for enterprise requirements.
  2. Data Integration: Seamlessly integrate your enterprise data stored in your own cloud, enhancing the capabilities of LLMs within your work environment.
  3. On-Premises Security: Ensure data security and compliance with on-premises deployment, keeping sensitive information within your cloud environment.
  4. Managed Vector Stores: Mano AI eliminates worries about updates or scaling by providing managed vector stores through partnerships with leading open-source vector stores.
  5. LLM Agnosticism: Choose any model for different use cases, offering flexibility and customization options.

User Benefits:

  • Enhanced Data Handling: Mano AI’s proprietary technology ensures scalability by embedding only the necessary data as needed, making it suitable for large data volumes.
  • Optimized Workflow: Enjoy the benefits of custom chunking algorithms, fine-tuned models, updates, real-time synchronization, and enterprise access controls.
  • Tested and Trusted: Benefit from user testimonials showcasing how organizations like, Moonware, and Microsoft have improved efficiency and workflow using Mano AI.


Experience a new era of productivity and data integration with Mano AI, the LLM platform designed to elevate knowledge workers’ efficiency within the enterprise. By providing secure and tailored LLMs, seamless data integration, and advanced features, Mano AI empowers users to access, analyze, and enhance their enterprise data with ease. Explore the potential of efficient data handling and workflow optimization with Mano AI today, and take your productivity to new heights.

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